Frecuently asked questions (FAQ)

Geoportal usage

What type of information can I find in the Geoportal?

What basic functionality does the Geoportal offer?

How can I visualize the geospatial data sets available in the Geoportal?

How can I download the Geoportal's geospatial data sets?

Can I change the basemap when I am visualizing the information in the Geoportal?

Can I capture an image of the data being visualized on the map?

I do not belong to Provita but I have relevant information, Can I publish it in this site?

Data features

What are the dates of the Geoportal data sets?

How often is the Geoportal information updated?

What is the quality of the Geoportal's geospatial information?

Which coordinate reference system (CRS) is used in the Geoportal data?

What is the format of the Geoportal data sets?

Use policies

What is the usage policy of the Geoportal data?