This Geoportal was created by Provita with the purpose of making available to the general public a variety of geospatial data sources about Venezuela. Most of this information was created and developed within the projects managed by Provita. For this reason, there is more detailed information about certain regions of the country, e.g., the Venezuelan Amazon. Additionally, we have included relevant data from other national and international institutions to complement the information.

The objective is that this material can be queried and downloaded, by the visitors of the Geoportal, respecting the associated copyright; this in order to support the work of other institutions, researchers and general users.

The content published on this site us updated periodically as a result of continuous work and improvements. For this reason, Provita assumes no responsibility on how the information is used. Use your own judgement when accessing the content directly or indirectly through a link from a third party.

We hope that the information published on this site can be useful to many of you. Do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions, comments or input, even if you consider that you have relevant geospatial information for Venezuela and you wish to publish it in this site. This platform is open for sharing information of interest, respecting credits, as long as it is relevant and supports national knowledge.

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